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Focus Area: Inclusive Clean Economy and Racial and Economic Justice

Demos is a public policy organization with a strong track record of cutting-edge research that informs policy and contributes to reducing political and economic inequality. Its name, Demos, comes from ancient Greece and means “the people,” speaking to Demos’ conviction that “in America the true source of greatness is the diversity of our people.”

Demos’ work is guided by three overarching commitments:

  1. Achieving true democracy by reducing the role of money in politics and guaranteeing the freedom to vote;
  2. Creating pathways to ensure a diverse, expanded middle class in a new, sustainable economy; and
  3. Transforming the public narrative to elevate the values of community and racial equity.

Demos’ project, “Supporting an Inclusive and Equitable Clean Economy Transformation,” is a new policy-based initiative addressing carbon pricing policies and the redistribution of revenue to poor communities of color at the frontlines of the nation’s environmental and economic crisis; the goal is to foster more equitable economic development with greater racial inclusion. Demos recognizes that without addressing inequity as a part of climate change strategies, inequity is exacerbated.

This project will: (1) develop a national platform and state-level climate policy that specifically addresses carbon pricing and revenue opportunities as a means of economic revitalization; (2) research the socio-economic benefits of inclusive and equitable energy investments; (3) build capacity between grassroots and state-level actors to ensure a state-to-state policy platform; (4) explore collaborations with finance capital to complement reinvestment strategies; and (5) craft a communications campaign elevating the narrative around climate change, racial inclusivity and economic development strategies.